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Everything's gone all dark and dramatic lighting.
Posted June 24, 2015 at 1:24 pm
I had a loooot of fun with this page. Lighting is kind of weird in black and white, because there's not a lot of options obviously, but it's really fun to push that contrast. Doesn't make a lot of sense in daytime scenes, but it's night again! Prepare for nonstop dramatic lighting for like...awhile. Coming from having studied storyboarding for animation, comics are kind of a weird challenge. On the one hand, I try and focus my layouts and writing on clarity, but when you're storyboarding, you're always working within a tv frame. Here, the frames are whatever size seems appropriate or fits, and you have to compose everything as a whole so your eye moves around the page. It's fun! I'm glad for the storyboarding background, at least. I don't think I'll ever get the hang of how some comics can make huge time jumps in like, a few panels, though. Anyway, we're coming up on one of the scenes that sort of spawned a lot of this story. It's one of the earliest parts of the story that came to me, and a lot of things were built around it. Soooo we'll see if I can pull this off as well as I want to :p. I've started watching Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Someone tell me it gets more entertaining, because so far Voyager is still leagues ahead of it in my book :|.