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It's snowing now! Because snow looks neat. And it's still February.
Posted June 30, 2015 at 12:41 pm
The last time I posted a page, gay marriage wasn't legal. Now it is! That's pretty great. This page was interesting, because it looked neat as a thumbnail, and then as a drawing, I was kind of eeeehhhhhhh about it, and then after making it all dark and creepy, I feel pretty happy with it! I think adding a really crazy amount of speedlines helped. Action pages are really fun to layout, though. When it's just two people talking, you don't want a bunch of tilted lines and stuff all over, because it makes it seem like their conversation is really intense. So, Malaya kind of curses a lot. I feel like if you're going to write a story featuring people in their 20s, that should be a given. Especially because I, personally, say "motherfucker" about ten times a day for all sorts of reasons. So my weirdly PG comic gets an R rating because it's going to use more than it's one designated "fuck." I'm no good at writing gore and sex, so I guess that's my thing. Yay! I have a thing. Anyway, the cursing picks up in the next few pages. She's a little out of her league here.