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Excellent parenting in action.
Posted April 7, 2015 at 5:45 pm
So, this scene is one of the original scenes that inspired this whole comic. I had this idea of what would happen if you were bitten as a child, and how would your parents react, and how would you turn out if you were a werewolf essentially raised by people with the best intentions and no knowledge whatsoever. And here we are! I don't have kids, but her parents are doing exactly what I'd do in this situation. Since this is 1995, it made more sense that the rear middle seat only has a lap belt, and that she's not in some complicated child booster seat or whatever. In the mid 80's when I was born, my parents put me in a basket in the rear wheel well of the car and drove me around to get me to sleep, and that was totally legal. We may not have had rear lap belts, I don't actually remember. It was a late 70's Pontiac, sooooo you never know. Also, the repeated artwork is for comedic effect. I'm not that lazy. Usually. (Is it really a joke if you have to explain it?)