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An important part of parenting is being freaked out by your kids, probably.
Posted April 1, 2015 at 6:17 pm
I have at least like, 5 more pages worth of baby Malaya to draw. It's all gonna be okay. I will survive. I have no idea how to draw kids. (The struggle is real.) Sorry this page is slightly late, I spent too long trying to draw blood. I also spent too long this morning walking the dog, but that part was fun and she needs to lose weight anyway. Eventually this will come up in the narrative, but it'll be like, another 7 pages or something ridiculous, but Malaya is 5 (almost 6) here. Present day, she's 25. No one's thought she's a teenager so far, but I don't really care to write stories about teenagers because that's been sort of done to death. So, she's mid-twenties, her brother is 20, and Elias is 22. There's the spread so far.