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Follow your nose!
Posted April 27, 2016 at 1:11 pm
Vote for me! Help me get this thing out there! And while you're at it, please disable ad block :). Click on the ads I have up if you like 'em, but just not having ad block on helps my ad spaces be worth more, and that helps fund this comic. Thanks friends! Malaya is finally stretching her werewolf powers a little. Only took 20 years! Baby steps. I've been trying to show the progression from "super freaked out about who I am" to "getting more comfortable about all this". Sometimes it feels like I'm moving too quickly, but then I figure...we're on chapter 6? It's been 130 pages and she's only at this point, which is on pace with how I've laid out the story. So, yay! We're getting there. I discovered a few days ago that I inadvertently ended up following Michael Hauge's six stage plot structure, which wasn't my intention, but it must be pretty solid if I stumbled into it. On the art side, this page was stupid fun. I really enjoy drawing people running. You can't see the town so well (unless you donate to my Patreon and then you can see the inked pages before the backgrounds were finished), but I feel like I'm finally getting the hang of backgrounds. I feel like to a point, you kind of have to specialize when drawing. If I devote all my time to backgrounds, I'd be amazing at drawing backgrounds, but my character drawings might falter. If I only draw characters, like I've always done, my backgrounds won't be up to par. My focus will always be on drawing people, but I think my background drawings are finally meshing with whoever is standing in front of them. All right, I'm off to get my life in order. I have to finish laying the bricks for my tiny front walkway today, because judging by the weather, today's the best day I'm going to get. I miss the super awesome sunny weather I had during the weekend :(. Spring, stop being an asshole! Just let me wear sandals and be warm and toasty all the time. I was born in July! I came into this world expecting it to be hotter than Satan's asshole every. single. day. and I have never stopped being disappointed, damn it.