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She doesn't get out much.
Posted May 3, 2016 at 11:00 am
Hey everyone, I finally got a damn button so you can just click that to vote for my comic! It took me literally minutes to put that up, but I think it was worth the effort. Anyway, help me out because the votes reset the first of the month and now I'm all far down again and stuff. TWC sends a fuckload of people my way, which helps me out a lot! I'll be at work by the time this goes live, so let's all cross our fingers that I haven't missed anything on this page I've stared at a million times! Poor Mal, she finally leaves the house, starts feeling good about things, and then BAM! Someone trying to get to work at the asscrack of dawn. (She's being facetious in the second to last panel...as someone who is regularly awake during the wee hours of the morning in order to make cranky people coffee, she totally knows that people leave the house that early. But that doesn't mean she agrees with it.) If you don't mind me spoiling the mysteries of writing a bit, I ended up adding this page in sort of last minute after looking over my script last week. I liked her single-mindedness in finding Vincent, but I felt like I skipped over a few of her issues with leaving the house. She's driven by both things, and it's hard to incorporate her concern for family and temper it with her fear of hurting someone by being out on her own. But hey, she stayed in control! (I like to think the full moon a few days prior kind of helps balance her out for a little while...like the first week after your period is over and it's like, wow, I feel amazing!) Anyway, our innocent cinnamon roll werewolf has had a bit of a change of heart about wondering and checking out the sights...time to get shit done and go home! Speaking of cinnamon rolls, I totally made some over the weekend and as such, I should've probably gone to the gym today, but I didn't make it. Luckily, I froze half the batch, so it's not quite as bad as the last time I made them and subsequently ate most of a pan by myself. It was amazing, highly recommended, but definitely a once-a-year sort of food event. Okay, I'm off to scrape together a real meal out of the random crap I have in the fridge, and then actually relax for a bit. I ended up working all weekend at my retail job and then had house guests as well, sooooo I need to just space out and stare at the walls or whatever for a bit. Then go work some more tomorrow, I guess >_>.