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This is also how I act when I first wake up
Posted September 22, 2018 at 2:12 am

Marisa was expecting a groggy werewolf who wouldn’t go nuclear after being asleep for a month, buuuut that’s not what we got! Luckily, Ginger is very small and Marin is very tall, so everything works out. Marisa isn’t terribly worried about being scratched or bitten, because like any sensible witch, she’s already cast spells to protect herself from such issues. Plus, she’s in a house full of werewolves, so one very tiny werewolf is only a temporary problem. (This is just my justification for how much I like writing Marisa under-reacting to things.)

Just a handful of pages left in this chapter! I think 4, though it’ll probably turn into 5 or 6 knowing me. This is why I don’t plan shit out all at once. Some people can write and thumbnail a whole chapter in one go, but I like to feel out my pacing as I finish pages, and sometimes my thoughts on how fast or slow a section needs to be changes as I actually see the pages get completed. This totally bonkers work flow will certainly benefit my future comic career >_>. (Nah, I’ll just keep making comics for myself and making chapters however long I feel like, because I’m too stubborn to work for an actual company, no matter how much sweet, sweet money they pay me.)

New site launches on Monday! The website address will still be the same, it’ll just have updated graphics and be on Hiveworks’ servers instead of my own space. Things might get a bit wonky at some point Sunday night when we swap them over, but there won’t be much of an issue. (I guess you’ll either see this site or the new one, IDK.) Not sure about the RSS feed for the new site, but I’ve emailed about it, so I’ll let you guys know! As much as everyone hates Disqus, I’m afraid we’re finally switching over. I think there are still options to use it as a guest, though cutting down on random anonymous accounts commenting under different names (and the same IP address…I CAN see you) would make my life easier. And being able to respond to comments faster without getting shut down by WordPress thinking I’m a bot. What can I say, I type fast…