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Get that moon juice, Elias
Posted February 26, 2020 at 12:18 pm

Vote over at TWC and you can see Marin and Maggie concerned about things!

I like drawing Elias as a werewolf! He's lankier than Malaya or Ginger, so it's a fun change of pace. Marin is also fairly lanky. I don't know what determines lankiness versus beefiness in how I decide to draw a particular werewolf, other than whatever I feel suits the character. I think Aubrey would be beefy, Marcus and Harvey would be lanky, and Tim would be...interesting. I'd have to push his transformation more because he's more wolf than person.

Getting the color palette on this page to calm the fuck down has been surprisingly hard. I started coloring this comic in Chapter 6, and was totally flying by the seat of my pants. I still like the coloring on Chapter 6 a lot, actually! But as I've been making this comic longer, I think I've gotten more frustrated with colors as I've gone along lol. I guess it's just the nature of making something for so long. I'm constantly striving for results that I like a little bit better all the time, so I look back at older pages and I'm impressed with how far I've come, but my current pages don't live up to the standards I'm striving for currently. A horrible cycle, but one you live with when you're an artist I guess. 

If you live in the Chicagoland area, come see me at C2E2 this weekend! I'll be at booth B-13 in artist alley with prints, stickers, the first two issues of the comic, and mostly myself. Myself will be there. Come say hello to myself.