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"Ggraaaarr" means "run"
Posted December 5, 2017 at 1:05 pm
Vote over at TWC and you can see a bad ass finished panel from tomorrow's page :D This page is so purple! I like night scenes, because I can throw caution to the wind and just make everything purple and blue. (The perception of color requires light, and a lack of light means everything is a lot more monotone yay!!!) I ended up having to brighten up the vines so you could still see them, though. If you're aware of the rule of threes, this is the second time these vines have shown up, soooo if you're good at counting, expect they might show up again in the future. One of the things I still have to make clear about Connie's general personality, though I've hinted at it, is that she's very wasteful with her magic. Even now, in dire straights for more energy, she'll pull out all the stops to capture a werewolf (being the only witch Marisa has ever heard of who's fast enough to do so). And hey, when you've got a werewolf, you might as well suck some energy out of said werewolf. She's like a giant battery! I guess, technically, Connie could have used this tactic back when Elias and Mal were throwing everyone around the yard, but in my head, I consider that her tipping point. She'd been running on low for so long, and finally snapped and decided to take full advantage of all the energy her werewolf pack had to offer, so she wouldn't have had access to enough energy to grab Elias and Mal by the time they fled the scene. There we go! A logical explanation. One of the hardest parts of telling a story is balancing how much I spell out VERY CLEARLY and how much can be left up to interpretation. I've never been a fan of stories that are so obscure that I leave them wondering what the fuck I just read, but it's also not really good practice to hold your readers' hands the whole way either. Gotta have balance. But anyway, Connie wasting magic isn't really a spoiler, I just haven't explicitly stated it in the comic yet. We've got her whole...everything...to explore at the beginning of Chapter 8, which is next week! Holy shit! I have to finish the cover for Chapter 8 still >_>. You'll end up getting three "pages" next week, because the Wednesday page is the chapter cover. Don't get too excited, because I'm planning to take the week off for Christmas like I did last year. I need a little "me" time, which is to say "I have no buffer for this comic and it'd be nice if I took off a week to give myself a small one."