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"Graaarr" also means "go to hell" in werewolf
Posted December 6, 2017 at 1:48 pm
Vote over at TWC and you can see the sketch for the cover of Chapter 8! Sorry this is up so late, I got into editing the pages for the first issue I'm going to print of HTBAW and lost track of time :). I'm going to print Issue 1 as chapters 1 and 2, and Issue 2 will be chapter 3. I got into C2E2 in Chicago, so these will be available there, and then after April, I'll see if I can find a way to distribute whatever I have left online :). I've made the executive decision to edit some of the curse words out so that I can get a more PG-13 rating down the line, instead of an R rating for using "fuck" so often. I don't think it should count, buuuut a wider audience is good. Modifying old pages makes me want to change eeeeverything though. I think the first few chapters of HTBAW have their charm, but it's frustrating to look back and feel like I'm not really putting my best foot forward for new readers. I have my doubts that I'll ever change them. I'd end up in this endless loop of redoing artwork! Like, how far would I redraw? The first three chapters? The first five? Keep going? Eventually I'd have really good artwork in the beginning, then okay artwork, then pretty decent artwork, then good artwork again. That'd be weird. C2E2 will be my first convention because I'm an infant in the comics world. I'm planning on bringing prints, postcards, buttons, stickers, and the first two issues of HTBAW. I feel like that's a pretty good spread without going overboard. Especially because I'll be selling merch for an unknown story, I assume I won't do gangbusters, but we'll see. Maybe people will buy stuff just because the art is neat and it'll spread from there. Any recommendations for other things people might like? My plan is to get everything done by February, because I don't like to put things off. THERE IS ONE MORE PAGE IN THIS CHAPTER. Isn't that wild? It turns out this chapter is 1 page longer than chapter 6. I thought this chapter would end up being way shorter, but I guess I'm good at dragging things out longer than anticipated. I have my doubts that Chapter 8 will be as long, though I always think that. If I can jam Chapter 8 and Chapter 9 combined into less than 90 pages, that'd be perfect. I figure with the length of these things, when I get everything printed into actual volumes, Chapter 6 will be it's own volume and so will Chapter 7, so about 85-90 pages per volume would set the standard. That seems reasonable. I have no idea, actually. I have graphic novels that are hundreds of pages and ones that are barely seventy pages, so who knows. Three pages for next week! Though Wednesday's page will be the chapter cover, but that kind of counts. And as I mentioned yesterday, I'll be taking a week off for Christmas :)