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Happy Howl-idays!
Posted December 26, 2017 at 11:00 am
Vote over at TWC because I'm a good person and you like me and because I haven't had time to upload anything new :) Hey everyone! I'm taking a little break for the holidays, but I'll be back with new pages next week :). It was way hard to find a Hanukkah sweater for reference that didn't say "Let's get lit!" While that's very funny, it's not as funny when it's literally every Hanukkah sweater. Also, I get the feeling that half the Hanukkah sweaters for sale weren't made by actual Jewish people, because if they were, I feel like there might be more variety? There were Christmas sweaters for literally everything you could think of, including one for Three Wolf Moon. I didn't copy from that one, because I wanted a more elaborate design, but I'm glad it exists. Apologies for "Howlidays", I couldn't help myself.