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He probably won't drown because he's a werewolf!
Posted July 3, 2019 at 12:06 pm

Vote over at TWC and you can see everyone staring expectantly at Vincent for some reason in next week's page.

Okay, today I have time to ramble, so here are some notes:

1) for the rest of July, there will be only one page per week. I'll be on vacation as of the 13th, so I won't have access to a computer. I should still be able to approve comments on my phone. Everyone be chill until I get back and don't start shit, because I won't be able to pay attention. Regular pages will start back again in August when I'm fresh and relaxed and vacationed. It'll be good. And we're almost done with this chapter anyway, so I need time to wrap my brain around the next one. Hm. 

2) As per usual, visit the Hivemill if you'd like any merchandise! I'll add more when I'm back from vacation. If I were smart, I'd make something limited edition or whatever, but I'm frankly not motivated enough to fuck with people that way. All this stuff is produced on demand by a drop ship company, so there's nothing limited about it. I could make 10000 or 10 of any given thing, it's wild. Capitalism!

3) Did I have a 3? I don't know. I'm very tired! But I've gotten a lot of cool support for my comic in the last few weeks, and I really appreciate you all sticking with me! 

4) Wait, I did have more! I tried very hard not to make this page look too uh, religious, but y'know, what's a little religious imagery in a werewolf comic? Sometimes you just gotta revive a guy by baptizing him in a river and washing away...the sins? You could honestly probably get pretty weird with the amount of religious connections you could make with werewolf mythology, but I was raised too secular to know shit about any of that. Hooray! Elias is Jewish, anyway, so for him it's just a werewolf nature bath. Excellent.