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Mmm, cardboard.
Posted July 9, 2019 at 1:09 pm

Vote over at TWC and you can see Lucas being a jerk in next week's page.

This is the only page this week! Sorry! The rest of this month, there will be one page per week on Tuesdays, and then we'll resume the normal schedule in August. I'll be wandering around in Los Angeles in Japan in the meantime, so please be nice in the comments while I'm going the next few weeks! I'll be kind of able to check things from my phone, but it's still just a phone. Not super convenient really.

I didn't want a copyright issue or I would have gone with the man witch = Manwich® connection. But man witch does rhyme with sandwich, so it's all good. 

Vincent's reference to the Oregon Trail is because every time anything in my life is remotely inconvenient or I'm somewhat unprepared, I remind myself that I would have died of a snake bite on the Oregon Trail within like five minutes. Also, given my overactive metabolism, I would have been the first person to be eaten in the Donner party. Alternatively, I would have been the first one throwing down to eat someone else. Either way, I'm always hungry and it sucks.

There's no such thing as an energy bar that tastes good, and if you disagree, you're lying to yourself. The only ones that taste good are loaded with sugar, and those don't count. That's a dessert.

Okay, I'm off to finish the last page I need to have done. By the time the next few pages upload, I'll be on a plane or in a foreign country, so wish me luck! I bought compression socks because I'm a million years old and need to preserve my circulation so I don't get deep vein thrombosis.