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Her potato salad is awful, though.
Posted February 22, 2017 at 12:49 pm
Vote over at TWC and you can see the thumbnails from this week's pages! I like Elias's mom because she always tries really hard, even if it never seems to pay off, and I find that very relatable. If you're thinking this whole "werewolf council" thing should be a lot more serious...let me tell you, I have joined many political groups since the last election, and I'm part of my local neighborhood association. Bureaucracy is hilarious. No one actually wants to listen to anyone else, even if they agree with you, and most of your time is spent trying to pass actual responsibilities off to other people while debating over the weirdest minutiae possible. It's amazing. I kind of love it, though, so I keep going to all these damn meetings. Anyway, we'll come back to these guys periodically, but hopefully this page establishes that their main motivation is everyone leaving them alone...and that Sara gets to deal with the problems surrounding the pack in the woods, because they don't feel like it and her son is the one who fucked up. Whenever I get this printed, I'm going to need to add a character introduction page so people aren't like, "what the fuck is a Ross pack?" I will direct you to my current character page where that is Elias's last name. His family is Jewish. Don't worry about his dad, we'll deal with him way down the road maybe. He's not in the picture regardless. I spent a large part of yesterday fighting with Wordpress. I added some upgrades to the comments, so you have a few more login options. There's supposed to be added functionality to be notified when threads are replied to and a couple other things, buuuut I can't guarantee everything works. There's supposed to be upvoting on comments and such, too, but from I can see when I'm not logged in, a lot of that stuff doesn't seem to show up? Theoretically, there's also a 15 minute time window to edit comments as well. I'm using the wpDiscuz plugin, which seems to be the most robust plugin for comments with the least amount of nonsense that's still actively being supported, but I suspect that it is fighting with the ComicEasel plugin and the ComicPress theme I'm using, so my efforts to get more stuff working haven't gone too well. I tried! I've set everything up as carefully as I can, but the main functionality of my site comes from the ComicEasel plugin, and if it's winning that battle, there's not much I can do about it I think? I've tried installing the Disqus comments early on, but that also didn't go well. They worked fine on subpages and past comic pages, but wouldn't show up on the main page. There's a way to make that work, but it just wasn't having it and I was tired of fighting. SIGH. My web skills largely atrophied after CSS came along, because while I understand Javascript, I never needed it, and I never made my way to learning PHP. Wordpress is a complicated beast that likes to eat itself, so even getting the menu at the top of the page to center defeated me. Anyway, I'm hoping to launch a site redesign sometime later in the year, though I'll have to have my friend help me build it because I'm a babe in the woods at this point. Also, if you're a wizard and can tell me how to get my top menu to center, let me know. I've done everything I can in "inspect element" that I know to do, and something is overriding my tags. FUN. Anyway, I'm off to vacate my house. I got a third coat of polyurethane on the wood floors in the kitchen this morning, specifically by the weird guy who did the first two coats and keeps trying to convince me to ride on his motorcycle with him, and the fumes are going to fuck me up eventually. WEDNESDAY WHY ARE YOU LIKE THIS.