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Elias is a bad influence
Posted February 28, 2017 at 12:09 pm
Vote over at TWC and you can see a very cute panel from tomorrow's page :). I will have to keep this short, because today is PACZKI DAY...aka Fat Tuesday. Go eat desserts, everyone! My local bakery is making another batch of strawberry paczki right now, and I have to head out here in a minute to get them. Is waiting outside for half an hour too obsessive? That's obsessive. Maybe it's not. You gotta do what you must for fancy Polish donuts. I missed out on chocolate-filled ones again this year :(. Anyway, I've finally been able to sneak in a reference to affirm that Elias is canonically Jewish. There just aren't that many reasons to mention you're Jewish in day-to-day werewolf conversation is the problem. If you ever encounter anyone complaining that writing stories that feature diverse characters is hard, point out to them that this page features two women of color and a gay Jewish man...and that two of them are werewolves. It's not that hard. Well, it might be if you have no friends, IDK. Everyone in this comic is an amalgamation of various people I know, are friends with, used to know, etc. So if you have no issue accepting a story that prominently features werewolves and witches, but can't accept that a college town in Michigan (that's basically in a town I've based on Ann Arbor but isn't) would be rather diversely populated, then you need to get out more? GRANTED, a lot of Michigan is very, very, very white. But there are pockets, especially orbiting Detroit, that aren't. I'm realizing these dudes are all like, at least 2 hours from Lake Erie. I fucked up! That's clearly not the best Great Lake. I know nothing about Lake Erie, so I guess in the interest of verisimilitude, I should probably go visit at some point. (Lake Michigan is clearly the best Great Lake.) Okay, I have to get cleaned up and hunt Polish donuts.