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Posted October 17, 2017 at 12:32 pm
Check out a finished panel out of context from tomorrow's page, which may not even make sense tomorrow, who knows. Miraculously, I'm totally finished with both pages for this week! On the other hand, I'm also behind on life in general, so yay! My friend is in town, so I've been trying to power through everything in order to hang out with her. We're going to see Hamilton in Chicago tonight, which will be super cool. The seats are actually normal Chicago Broadway prices, and we got really good spots. Hurray! And also finally using my tickets for the Architecture tour that I got for donating to NPR in like, February. I'm not good at remembering to actually use things like that, but I do want to ride a boat and be told about buildings, so that'll be cool. I had a few people guess that Vincent would buy him the sweater (it's on clearance), and you were right! Because narratively, it was expected lol. Any page where I get to draw Elias blushing for half of it is a good page, I think. I figure before Elicent gets anywhere, I have to get them onto roughly equal financial footing, as well as whatever would count as equal footing when one of you transforms into an 8-foot-tall, super-strong beast from hell. We'll see! Workin' on it. And as one would expect, his lesbian pseudo-moms get to make fun of him because that's life. I deliberated about what Vincent would write on the receipt, and I realized the solution was to say as close to nothing whatsoever. He's so good at words.