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This whole story is actually about coffee, not werewolves.
Posted October 11, 2017 at 2:19 pm
Vote over at TWC and you can see a very flustered sketch of Elias from next week's page, because that's cute. First and foremost, hop over to TWC Facebook page and vote for my entry into the Halloween contest by liking it! I'm entry 21. As of right now, Facebook is "down for maintenance", which I'm going to assume means it's been taken over by Russians or something, but I'll embed the image post here whenever it comes back so you guys can vote super easy. I don't really care about winning, but you know...I constantly crave acknowledgement from my peers that I'm superior in every way. (/sarcasm shouldn't really be needed, but this is the internet.) To everyone who guessed that she'd find a mug...you were right! A little Chekov's gun action, except...I don't know that a mug would ever be considered that important that you'd be required to link it to later action, but oh well. Common visual themes I've stuck to so far have been hair, hands, hands touching hair, lots of trees, and coffee/tea/mugs. And pretzels, but that's only at the mall. I also thought this page would make a good opportunity to further clarify the smelly werewolves issue, because a few people pointed out that Elias *could* smell Malaya in the first chapter...which is true! But it's more of a camouflage spell than a "you don't smell at all or you smell like a human" spell. If you cover yourself in deer pee when hunting, the deer might not notice you as well as they normally would, but you're still not going to fully smell like deer pee. A deer up close to you will be able to tell, even if from a distance, you don't set off alarm bells. But anyway, what's important is that I've figured out the order of the next few chapters, and I'm happy to announce that the gay shit I had originally planned to move to chapter 10 will now be back at chapter 9, due in part to a comment on Tapas (I think) asking about what Connie's motivations were and why she'd be willing to take a whole pack of werewolves down with her...and then I realized that hey, the gay shit I had planned was part of the plot that explains that! So I'm shoving it back in there before we wrap up the first arc in chapter 10. That's a nice, neat end chapter number, so I approve. Chapter 9 also sets up the second arc of this story, so don't worry, Chapter 10 isn't the end. It's the end of the beginning! And this chapter won't be as long as I had worried it would be! I think. I have another 25 pages or so before it's as long as the last chapter, and I was trying to avoid that. There's one more bit to finish up this chapter, then next chapter you can expect some more revelations about Connie's (actual) deal, some werewolf training, and some stuff about Ginger. Who knows what that'll be??? I do, don't worry about it.