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He's a master of stealth.
Posted March 29, 2017 at 1:31 pm
Vote over at Top Web Comics and you can see this week's thumbnails plus a little doodle I did to plan Vincent's outfit :D. Also, thanks for being so motivated to vote yesterday by my sneak peek incentive XD. Some people guessed who was hiding! I mean, who else would follow this boy around in broad daylight? (Who's not physically beat to hell at the moment >_>) I keep disproving Elias's theory that he's any good at stealth and speed, but don't tell him because it'll hurt his ego. (He is pretty fast, but I think Vincent might distract him from his stealth efforts, as he seems to be the common thread here.) Also, basic Stalking 101: phone on silent! I spent all that time drawing these damn backgrounds, and you better believe I'll be reusing them extensively for the rest of this short scene, because fuuuuuck that took forever. I wasn't planning on it taking forever, but I got into some sort of zen background-drawing head space and it just happened. Good job, me! Anyway, I'm working on getting the artwork ready for the fashion contest, so I'll be announcing that tomorrow or Friday. It depends on how messed up my schedule ends up today, but it should be tomorrow. The contest won't end until late May, so ya'll have a lot of time. Maybe too much time? I'll try and keep pimping out the contest so people don't forget about it, but I also don't want to get a bunch of entries and then have to sit on them until I finally get to the shopping scene. I'll have lots of methods for people to enter, and I'll be shouting out everyone's entries as I get them so that you guys get some free advertising and I get to bask in your cool designs. I have nothing fun to talk about because my life this week has been sinus infections, taxes, and trying to clear out the living room to have the floors worked on. SO FUN. Being in your 30's is just a nonstop thrill ride, let me tell you.