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I think I'm paranoid.
Posted March 28, 2017 at 3:29 pm
Vote over at Top Web Comics and you can see who's been following Vincent! I was way ahead on working on this page, which then meant that I felt comfortable taking my time, which then meant I spent way too long drawing all these little stupid buildings, and noooow I'm behind and also under the weather today O_O. I've got a burgeoning sinus infection, plus every animal in my house conspired to keep me up all night, so that's why today's page is running a bit late! I'm a mess. I got enough responses that I'm trying to get stuff together for the fashion contest! I think it'll be fun :). I'll have bases to work off of for people who aren't sure about drawing from scratch, though using them won't be required, just a helper. I'm going to try and announce the contest on Thursday or Friday here and on tumblr. I'll just put it up like it's a comic page. So like, gear up, tell your friends, etc. The deadline will be late May because I won't be getting to the shopping montage until around then anyway :). Keeping it short today, because I'm in need of a hot bath and a trip to the couch. Oh, and then I get to talk to my accountant about my taxes being done, so pray for Mojo.