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Hey look, someone who knows what they're doing!
Posted November 11, 2015 at 12:02 pm
Yessss, a new challenger appears. And we're going to find out a lot more crazy stuff about her in the next couple pages, because there's only 4 pages in this chapter after this one. (I should probably make up my mind about the order of the scenes I want in chapter 5 pretty soon >_>.) Anyway, way back when my brain was playing around with this story initially, I knew I wanted Charlene to have something more to contribute. She might have more motives for moving to Michigan in the middle of winter than she let on initially. I had to look at a freaking load of photos of crows and feathers for this page. You think you know how to draw something until you look at a photo and realize, hey, you have no damn clue, friend. I think I'm done having to research dead deer for awhile at least. Hopefully I haven't been added to any funny NSA lists due to my weird search history. In TV news, I'm making my way steadily through House. I'm on season 5, which I think is about where I finished watching the first time through when it originally aired. Not really feeling the whole House/Cuddy thing, but whatevs. I know that's where they're going. Also have been watching iZombie, which is fantastic. I'm really enjoying the hell out of it. iZombie is basically Veronica Mars, but with older characters on zombies, which I'm totally on board with. Made by the same people, features a lot of the same actors as cameos...I'm so happy with iZombie, oh man. I drew so many trees while watching that show. (And a lot of feathers while watching House.) In totally unrelated news, my kitchen is being renovated, and my carpenter is taking the old ceiling apart today, sooooo I don't really have a kitchen right now lol. I'm not used to waking up without getting to drink my tea, but I guess bathroom sink water is good too.