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She brought friends!
Posted November 17, 2015 at 11:59 am
So I lied last week, there is actually four more pages after this one in this chapter, because I had to split them up more. I was trying to figure out why this week's pages were taking me so damn long, and then I realized that there are seven damn people on these pages. No wonder it's taking so long. This page ended up very dark! I tried to make everything a bit glowy so it's easier to see, but...eeeeeh just brighten your monitor, I don't know what to tell you. Gotta have contrast for those glowy eyes in the background to show up. Poor Malaya is just going to be endlessly confused for a few more chapters. But hey, at least Charlene knows what the hell is going on. I wanted the eyes to land with a bit more impact, thus the wider shot, but it didn't come out quiiiite like it did in my head, possibly because she keeps talking. So then I added a bit more talking, figuring she must not see it as a very big deal to call up a bunch of creepy friends in the woods or whatever. Making comics is hard, friends. There are a lot of things to translate from my brain onto a page, and they don't always come out the way I intend, but you just have to make the best of wherever you end up. In regular life news, my kitchen ceiling is being renovated because reasons, so I can't use my stove and have been eating out at least one meal a day. It's getting old! I'm kind of surprised, actually. I cook a lot, usually just easy junk that lasts a few days, but now I'm repeating my restaurant visits. Also I have to make tea in the microwave and it's not the same. Also, while making these pages, I've watched like a million hours of House. Spoiler alert, I'm now at the point where Kal Penn got offered a position at the White House so they killed off his character and like, it's almost hilarious knowing he left for that reason. Like oops, we need a last minute reason for him to be gone forever! He got a really sweet deal somewhere else! Somehow you never run into that problem in comics? Oh, and I added ads to my page. If you can do me a favor and turn off your ad block for this page, that would really help me maybe make some sort of money. I'm up to a few dollars! Woo! Income!