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I bet Charlene is fun at parties.
Posted November 24, 2015 at 12:34 pm
Damn, these next couple pages really threw me off. So, originally there were only going to be two more pages left in this chapter, then I revised and ended up at three. Then I wasn't happy with how my thumbnails were turning out so squashed, so I settled in at four pages total. These two just...they have a lot to discuss. And I hate pages crowded with dialog, and the rhythm works better when you space it out more. So, look forward to this conversation for the rest of the month! There is actually going to be a point in this story where Malaya isn't constantly confused about what's going on, buuuut not any time soon. Remember, at this point she doesn't know Marisa's a witch, so her only point of reference is that Elias mentioned it last chapter. I enjoy writing Charlene and Mal together, because they're actually friends, so Malaya can lighten up on the distrust and anxiety and just be the goofy nerd she actually is. BTW, if anyone ever finds anything wrong on a page, of they think it might be wrong but aren't sure, either with art or spelling or I skipped a word or whatever, please let me know! I usually spend the better part of a week staring at each page, so if I don't catch mistakes by the time I post, I never will! I appreciate the help :D. Also, thanks everyone for spreading the word! I do my best to get the word out, but I frankly do not have thousands of friends to tell. (I don't think I want thousands of friends? That sounds exhausting.) In other news, I work at a department store a few times a week to get myself out of the house, and I have to work all day on Black Friday. I've worked retail off and on since I was 17, so BF shouldn't be that big of a deal, but uuuuugh it's the worst. And you know, I'm on commission and the pay isn't even that great? Most people are in buying the deals, so I don't really rack up much extra pay. It's fun to stare at people blank faced when they decide to get out of hand, though. Usually they calm down when they realize their tantrum isn't going to phase me. I have expanded my yard in Neko Atsume! I feel like a god and my fake backyard filled with fake cats is my kingdom.