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Posted November 18, 2015 at 11:38 am
Welp, that "united front" thing last all of one page. Harvey is the most vocal about not putting up with Aubrey's plans, and Ginger and Marcus are just here for the ride. Tim is just Tim. (I had to google "dirty feet" as a reference for when he's running away...that brings up some really interesting results, let me tell you. I'm going to be on some lists by the time I'm done with this comic.) Sooooo crazy werewolf throw down was abruptly aborted! The number of pages left in this chapter keeps changing, because obviously Malaya and Charlene have some things to talk about now. Oh man, I'd have more stuff to talk about, but I'm sleepy and I need to eat breakfast. My carpenter guy is here working on my kitchen ceiling (it's a long story, don't worry about it), and he's listening to the local country station. It's kind of fascinating, because I don't listen to country, but there is a real prevailing theme of partying your fucking head off. Lots of songs about drinking, partying, having a cool truck...like you'd figure the truck thing is pretty standard, but country music has really started aiming for the alcoholic party crowd as of late, idk. Not gonna lie, I do like Rascal Flatts in general, but they're definitely pop country. Also, I started playing Neko Atsume on my phone. It's very soothing. You put toys in a little yard and some food, and cats visit you. But they leave fish as currency, so you can buy cooler stuff and eventually expand your yard so more cats and special cats can visit. There's like, no strategy or real game play to it, but it's fun to check throughout the day. Sometimes a really fat cat comes and eats your food. I like that cat but he only leaves one fish, asshole.