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I don't want to have that conversation right now, I want to have a different conversation thx
Posted April 23, 2024 at 11:49 am

Vote over at TWC and you can see Natalie continuing to be mad lol

Everyone has had such interesting insights into these last few pages! It's fun to see :). As a few people have noted, Natalie isn't really the bad guy here. She's not exactly likeable, but she's also in a weird position being so close to the various people connected to the Ross pack, and as she's also taken over her pack from her grandparents, she's newish to this whole werewolf political game and needs allies. The biggest issue overall is Tom and his demands and general mental fracturing, which hopefully I'll get to explain in the next chapter. I've been involved with politics at a local level off and on for years, and one of the themes I wanted to explore with this story was what happens when you have a lot of people with conflicting but understandable wants and demands, plus one or two people who really fuck up the vibes. It is amazing how you can push to elect really competent, effective people, but it just takes one or two really hostile and demanding weirdos to bring all efforts to accomplish anything to a halt. If you want a great example, watch the scenes in Parks & Recreation when they do town hall meetings. It's really not far off from real life. 

Also, a few people pointed out that Abigail was going to wait til after the full moon to get help from anyone, but I realized I needed to throw Natalie into the works for later in this chapter and they have a phone already, so I had to alter Abby's plans a bit. I might go back and change a few lines. She's not contacting the council, though, and technically she doesn't want Natalie's help, just wants to make sure she knows their new phone number (and would rather not have the rest of this whole conversation honestlyyyyy). 


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