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Natalie is not amused
Posted April 17, 2024 at 11:36 am

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I should probably give Tom some actual dialog here soon so he's not a total caveman, but I couldn't think of anything appropriate that would convey what he's feeling that isn't just him growling inappropriately during a business call lol. He's got werewolf full moon PMS and it happens to the best of us. (Personally, I'm on a hairpin trigger myself today, so I very much relate.) I realized when I started planning this chapter (I mean that in the loosest sense, because I don't plan much) that I needed to get Natalie involved at some point, because she's just this nebulous character hanging out on the sidelines who gives them a hint of legitimacy, but she's also not a total idiot or a pushover, so she wouldn't go along with these weirdos living in the woods any longer than necessary. Also she makes for fun conflict, so let's do that.

A note about next month, I'm dropping to one page a week for May! One, because I need to plan out and gear up for the last half of this chapter, two, because I'm going on a cruise (first one ever, maybe last one ever) at the end of the month with some friends, and three, so I don't burn the fuck out lol. I need a refresher y'all. Thanks for sticking with me for so long! I'll keep the werewolves coming, I just need to take a breather next month.


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