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I like when they do the thing with the title in the story.
Posted June 9, 2015 at 1:26 pm
Sorry, I can never pass up an opportunity for a good "title mentioned in story" moment. Malaya and Elias have maybe slightly different philosophies about the best way to be a werewolf. Surely that will not lead to any issues in the future whatsoever. I've been watching Sense8 on Netflix and I'm really digging it! It took a few episodes to get hooked, because it's pretty much straight up weird, but I'm liking the different characters, and I really like how diverse it is. In fact, I think only two of the characters are both in the US (one in Chicago heeeey), and I like that so much of it is filmed on location. I can't remember hardly any of their names though, and that makes me feel bad. I remember Nomi, only because it's unusual and her name is said a lot. Anyway, I recommend it! I'm about 5 episodes in and it's getting really good. Okay, back to work on tomorrow's page.