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Werewolf heart-to-heart
Posted June 10, 2015 at 1:42 pm
I'm going to assume everyone understands that there's still music playing in the background, because I don't really want to distract everyone with music notes in every damn panel. Otherwise, maybe having a really weirdly obvious conversation about being a werewolf within earshot of your human coworker is probably a bad idea. I think I originally intended for Elias to have ulterior motives and shit, but he just keeps ending up to be a generally upstanding person. Surprise! Though I guess the normal trope would be that he's a backstabbing asshole, so maybe I'm subverting something without thinking about it. It's kind of fun to write this guy who's kind of a ray of sunshine, while she's kind of the sarcastic, guarded one. Anyway, this chapter is going to help establish some of the werewolf standards I'm working with (gotta know the rules!), and then later I'm gonna throw down and it's gonna be awesome. Don't worry about it. Welcome all the new people who read my comic yesterday! I'm glad you're finding me :D.