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I'm hugging you now.
Posted March 1, 2017 at 12:52 pm
Vote today at TWC and you can see the thumbnails from this week! And vote anyway, because it's the first of the month and it would make me really happy to be up high on the list or whatever :). If you think Malaya casually offering Elias a place in her pack is something she doesn't understand the weight of, raise your hand! I figure one aspect of not being raised as part of werewolf "culture" is that you wouldn't understand the depths of what some aspects of that culture mean. Malaya still mostly identifies as human, who occasionally turns into a werewolf, whereas Elias feels like a werewolf who is perceived as human. Over time, maybe they'll meet closer to the middle :). Also, if you know anyone who owns or works at a coffee shop, this is exactly how you end up with a job at a coffee shop >_>. And, if you thought we're gonna just ignore the whole "randos in the woods" aspect of this story, nope, that's not done yet lol. I had a few people worried. There are more details to puzzle out! I'm not just going to throw some random "bad guys" into the woods, have one werewolf battle, and call it done! What kind of poorly written antagonists have you guys been reading? That shit is getting RESOLVED. SLOWLY. Because slow burn on every front is apparently my jam...including gaying it up in this story. It takes so long! Unlike the Sims, where you just get one person to tell the other person jokes over and over again and then force them to make out for what ends up being three in-game hours, and then they get married the same day, and you're done. SIGH. I'd like to note that, as someone who has worked many jobs that involve standing all day, everyone in this comic is wearing very sensible footwear. Marin is the occasional exception, because she's a lawyer, but I don't believe in drawing women wearing heels in every damn panel. Charlene's boots are based on a pair of Born mid-calf boots, and Malaya's wearing the Sketcher's slip-ons that always look cuter on than they do in the store. I sold shoes for over six years in a major department store (making noooo money, but the discount was awesome), so it's kind of an obsession for me at this point. Also, please don't wear high heels on a regular basis. Even fantastic, extra comfy ones will cause more weird foot problems than you'd ever imagine. I've seen some shit, people. Six years of people using me as an ersatz podiatrist will do that. Okay, I've rambled enough and now I have to get ready to eat tacos. Aw, look at me, leaving the house and stuff.