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I'm riding on a dolphin doing flips and shit.
Posted November 2, 2016 at 3:14 pm
Today's incentive for TWC is...a very sketchy drawing for next Tuesday's page. Yay for working ahead, kind of! Oh my god, this page is actually done. I have re-exported this page three times! I keep missing little things and having to fix them. But really, this didn't seem like it would be a big undertaking, but black and white pages actually make action scenes way easier. I kind of miss that! It's a lot easier to see blood this way, I guess. Anyway, if you theorized that these guys were going to unilaterally get their asses kicked, well...maybe not yet! There's a method to this madness, and an actual plan to this fight, so I hope you like werewolves beating each other up for a bit longer! Tim is still kicking around off screen, too, so...stuff and things will happen. Talking around spoilers is difficult. The most important part of this page is that Elias is really good at doing cool flips, and Ginger is useless. Ginger is useless for a reason! But she's useless. Vincent would like to just go home now, I think. I'm not really sure I understand how people put out so many pages of their comic per week. I just keep getting more ambitious with the two pages I've got to finish, so they keep taking longer and longer as I keep getting more ridiculous in the effort I put into them. Thank god I don't give a shit about coloring my lines all pretty, because this comic would never get done. Ever. I think if I only had to worry about drawing and inking, and someone else could fight with the rest of it, I would be fine. At the same time, I can't imagine giving up that level of control to another person. Frankly, even if someone has amazing coloring skills, I have trust issues and it would never work. (So many trust issues.) Okay, I'm going to cut today's ranting short, because I have to pack for my flight for my uncle's (very belated!) memorial service tomorrow in Pennsylvania. Odd, fun fact: my mom's mom's family originally were in competition against the Hersey family making chocolate. Unfortunately, the King Chocolate Company didn't last. The family saying is that the Herseys were okay going bankrupt more often than my family was, so they won in the end. My aunt still has an old cast iron chocolate bunny mold from the business! I've never actually visited this part of my family. Mom's side of the family is from Mississippi, and her mom's family were northerners. She met my granddaddy during World War II, and I guess it was quite scandalous to bring a northern woman back as a wife. (Kind of...still is.) So, grandmother was roundly ostracized from the local community, but would periodically drag my mom and her sisters up to Pennsylvania for visits. I sense that my mom wasn't often included, because she was the youngest by far. By that point, most of her cousins up north were way older than her. So, that's a weird bit of my family history for you. It's kind of a culture shock to live up north and have a very Southern family, but I'm looking forward to meeting the other northern wing finally :).