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It'll never happen again.
Posted February 10, 2016 at 12:13 pm
Awwww, cute page. My goal in life is apparently to write the cutest damn werewolf story available. I feel like there's an obvious need for this. I felt like at this point, if anyone would notice that Malaya's taking a big step, it would be her brother. He's the one who's watched her keep her shit together for years and develop her own sort of coping skills, after all. (Also, winter is wearing me down as it always does by February, and drawing a few pages about hugging is really comforting lol.) I'm glad I changed these pages from my original idea! I tend to pull back from writing anything too...emotional? I think in real life, most people don't make big declarations like they do on TV. Most people let stuff brew under the surface for a long time, communication be damned. Also, keeping the emotions of characters a little hidden really makes things more poignant when they are expressed. Like Vincent. Who is so obviously happy! (Aw, he'll smile one day!) I realized that these two nerds are very similar. They're both awkward and kind of reserved, they're both really devoted to their family, but those traits just end up expressed totally differently. Yay! It's like they're actually related. Good job, me. As often as my brain tells itself that I have no idea what I'm doing, in writing this comic, I've proved to myself that I can, in fact, write a long form story with complex characters without it being a complete mess. Woo! No, but really, part of the reason I write all this stuff under the comic is because it helps me analyze what the hell I'm doing. I've written one long story for NaNoWriMo (which will never see the light of day, it wasn't good, don't worry about it), and everything else I've ever written is a smattering of short stories. I'm really surprised this is turning out as well as it has, because drawing has always been my forte, but writing is that thing I would have liked to do if I had time and an attention span to speak of. Anyway, in TV-watching news, I'm apparently too dumb to watch the X-Files. Not really! But seriously, when you're not actually watching the show, and just kind of glancing over while drawing, it is WAY HARD to tell all the mysterious old dudes apart. I'm on like, season 6 or something, and I can't really tell you what the hell is going on. If I tried, I would fail. Maybe there are aliens? Maybe it's the government? Why does Scully put up with this shit? I have no idea. I cannot answer these questions. Sooooo I keep skipping around to other shows to give my brain some downtime. I'm rewatching Psych for the billionth time, and trying to find more documentary series on Netflix to watch. I watched all of Morgan Spurlock's show, Inside Man. I liked that quite a bit. It's hard to find series, though. I like watching something that isn't just a special, and that's hard to find because who the hell funds that kind of thing? (Me. I would fund that kind of thing. Documentaries are so relaxing.) Okay, I'm off into the wild to eat breakfast and enjoy a day off kind of! (That's a lie. I don't get days off. HMMM.)