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He's just got a lot of feelings.
Posted February 9, 2016 at 12:22 pm
Vincent's not prone to random hugging, so I guess you'll all just have to wait til tomorrow to find out what's going on in his head :). Also, he drinks his coffee without putting a lid on it, because obviously that shit's not gonna last long enough to bother with a lid. Or one of those paper holder things. The more simplified cel-shading is really working for me on this page. I think it looks less muddy, and now that my inking has improved, I don't think I need such complicated shading. This lets my lines shine through a bit better. (I will not lie, like 90% of making art for me is figuring out what I do best, and hiding what I still suck at through any means necessary.) So, this week's pages turned out totally different than originally planned. I wrote this part of the chapter really early on, possibly first, and when I looked back at my script last week, I just thought, "Wow, none of the stuff here is that important at all." Soooo I changed it entirely. Being able to change things up on the fly is kind of the great part about writing a webcomic. (Which I think I keep mentioning every week.) These pages now set the tone for what I want to happen later, so the changes have way more impact on the story and I'm really proud of that. Don't dig in your heels, kids! Be willing to throw out anything, no matter how much you like it, because if it doesn't serve the story the way you want, it's not worth keeping in. Those moments might fit elsewhere, or they might not, but they aren't as important as the end results being good. In donut-related news, today is Fat Tuesday, aka Paczki day! Which is what I'm eating right now. So far this year, I've only gotten my hands on the ones with apple filling, which is fine but I really want chocolate. There's one bakery here in my town that has the chocolate ones, so I'm thinking I might drive over. But it's already after 10am and they're probably out? Usually by noon, there's nothing left there, soooo I don't know. And it's snowing. And I have a lady coming to appraise my house for a loan today so I have to clean. And I'm lazy and probably shouldn't be eating Polish donuts. SIGH. But I love them. My life has finally calmed down somewhat, so I'm hoping I'll actually be able to finish my one year comic-versary image this week! I meant to last week, but my friend was in the hospital and I had to cover a bunch of shifts at work and and and...now it's over and I can get back to my somewhat normal schedule. That'll be nice. Except I worked a short shift at my retail job yesterday, and it was like every asshole on the planet decided to call over and over and over. Every 5 minutes! A bunch of stuff just went to clearance and people are seeing the prices online and calling us to find things. (I'd be more specific with what I do and what I sell, but I've already had one rando show up at my work years ago and we're not doing that again.) So yeah, I wasn't there more than 5 hours yesterday and I was still hit with a tornado of assholes.