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It's not animal cruelty if you smack a werewolf, right?
Posted March 31, 2015 at 5:58 pm
This damn page. I end up in the midst of an artistic crisis every time I get a page drawn because all I see are flaws, then I finish adding shading to the damn thing and I always think "Hey! This turned out pretty okay!" So I really just need to start on a more positive note. Also, I've been changing up my coloring style, not that anyone but me will notice probably. One day I'll nail down something I really like from the get go :p. Drawing the blood was weirdly fun and I'm very proud of it, even though that's kind of gross I guess. In general, if you meet a wolf in the woods, probably don't smack it, idk. Oh, and I know like, very very little Tagalog, but her mom is calling out "where are you?" Thanks, internet! And now you learned something today.