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Posted September 27, 2017 at 1:15 pm
Vote over at TWC and you can see where I'm at currently with the design for the cover of the first issue :). I'm going to try to get some printed up for conventions, and I'll also be uploading the chapters to Comixology for download...whenever I get this done >_> Our second to last outfit, at last! By afoxspainting :). It kind of turned blue in the process, oops. I needed to pop my wolf off a darker background. I couldn't come up with a good name for a store that sells jeans, so Elias gets his jeans from The Jeans Store. They sell jeans, I guess. I suppose, in context, this page is utterly pointless, but that's fine. I have plans. Don't worry about the plans. Anyway, I like writing these nerds, because they're in that weird "we might be getting to be friends" period where you know enough about each other, but can't guarantee that the other person won't just wander off on you. I need to find time at some point to address Elias's crush in a way that makes it clear that he's not just putting Vincent in the "Boyfriend Zone", and that he does want to be Vincent's friend regardless. All problematic tropes must be crushed, kids. As many as possible. But for right now, they're still awkwardly orbiting each other, because Vincent is a black hole of emotions and who knows what he thinks about all this. (I know what he thinks about all this.) Anyway, I have plans for all that. Unfortunately, I think they're going to get shuffled to chapter 10 :|. In the interest of pacing, once I get the ball rolling in the next chapter, I pretty much have to let it careen recklessly down the hill until we're done with this first arc. There's not enough breathing room for gay shit, which is always disappointing, but it'll be worth it in the end. Side note: I get a LOT of folks on Tapas and Webtoon (where I mirror this comic) that are not picking up that Elias and Vincent are going places. I guess we're all super used to preferred pairings just not being developed because GAY? I mean, I have no restrictions here. They could make out tomorrow, but that wouldn't really serve the story. And in webcomic time, everything takes forever :|. Right now, Elias is in the midst of a burgeoning crisis of self, finally being forced to find identity beyond WEREWOLF, and Vincent is...vaguely traumatized from being kidnapped and maybe not wholly ready to confront werewolf reality beyond his sister's issues. (It's one thing when being a werewolf means not leaving the house very often and spending full moons playing board games, but it's kind of another thing when you throw the larger werewolf world into the mix.) So yeah, we'll get there! I finally got around to a whole chapter dedicated to lesbian/bisexual backstory, so the future queerness just needs additional time to ferment. Or, I'm just bad at making things blatantly obvious, IDK. I'm trying to balance the rest of the day with being productive but also giving myself a break. We'll see how that goes. First order of business is mowing the lawn, finally. And I have to buy stamps. Very important! I buy stamps once every few years...and not many, but you never know when you'll need a stamp. And if all goes well, I will try and get more stuff uploaded to Society 6 today, because I have no excuse not to. That's nice. I guess laundry's not enough of an excuse not to do that...