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Call it fashion
Posted October 3, 2017 at 1:56 pm
Vote over at TWC (please, because I'm way behind O_O) and you can see a very out of context panel from tomorrow's page :) Here is an appropriate song for you to reference for this very important page. So, I ran into weird issues with this page. First, this is the last entry from the Fashion Contest I held in the spring! It took a whole season, but we made it to the end! The last design was done by Cesya, who gave me permission to make it the sort of punchline to this whole adventure...but they turned out too cute! I wasn't expecting that! I was going for "these nerds have really weird taste" and it ended up in "oh no, they're adorable" territory. So then I had to keep reworking the reaction panel from the other three, because my whole punchline went out the window. The crop top reminded me of Bill from Bill and Ted, thus Vincent's comment, and I think it works now. It's a lot different than I planned, but that's okay. This is also probably the closest Elias has ever gotten to West Coast Gay instead of Suburban Midwestern Lumberjack Gay. You don't realize they're different, because Midwestern Gay doesn't make it on TV, but now you know. Unless it's Pride week, in which case everything gets dialed up to 11 and geography doesn't matter anymore. (There was a lot of precariously covered junk at Pride this year...and some that just wasn't covered at all, but Chicago doesn't care for one day of the year, I guess.) Anyway, we're back to regularly scheduled werewolf story for tomorrow and onward, so thank you for joining me on this journey of fashion and lesbian backstory. I knew this would be my one chance to do it before the ball really gets rolling. There is a bit more to Chapter 7, and a big reveal at the end (of course!) so that we have somewhere to go for the next few chapters. My plan is that there will be two more chapters in this arc, and then we'll move into the next arc. Basically, it'll be like, three years and you guys will have finally gotten the first "season" of this story. (My comic-versary is in February, BTW...I totally forgot last year. Oops.) This chapter, for reference, started in mid-February and should be done by...end of November? Probably? So, only 9 months! That's...not completely insane, I guess. My goal is to also write an extra short chapter exploring more of Marin's backstory from her perspective, since there's a lot more there to unpack. I had one person on Webtoon rather incredulous that she went straight from dying of cancer into fighting as a werewolf, but like...it's a flashback being told by her girlfriend who mostly wouldn't have been there at that time, sooooo ya know. Plus, the main point was that they met and started dating, less Marin's experience as a werewolf. Thus, I'd like to make a small side comic for you guys to purchase that would expand on that :). Probably not in color, because I'm already dying trying to get this done.