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Just a nice dude.
Posted September 16, 2015 at 1:28 pm
If anything, by the time I'm done writing/drawing this comic, years down the line, I hope no one will be able to say that I haven't made my main characters' issues, concerns, and motivations BLATANTLY CLEAR. I have a tendency when I write to over-clarify things, because I'm not a fan of reading things that I have to constantly puzzle out why people are doing what they're doing. That can be fun sometimes, and if I were a more sinister person, I might have Elias flip around and secretly be a terrible person, buuuut I'm really not that kind of writer. Gotta play to your strengths! I realized, looking at this page this morning, that I've inadvertently made Elias the poster child for Midwest Nice, which is kind of fun since that's not something you see in media...ever. If you don't know what that is, basically, people in the Midwest (which Michigan, where they all live, is included) have a reputation for being just...nice. Overly friendly. No ulterior motives, just nice. Granted, that doesn't mean everyone is like that, and that doesn't mean no one is ever not nice, and that's not to say people in other parts of the US aren't also friendly, but it's just very obvious around here. When I lived in Los Angeles, that was probably the biggest culture shock for me. I didn't realize that people everywhere don't randomly apologize or say "excuse me" when they aren't actually in your way, and that strangers don't always want to strike up conversations with you when you're buying your groceries. It was weird. My main goal for this comic is that I want to fit in a shopping montage. There's going to be a shopping montage, damn it. So far, I think it'll be chapter 6, so we've got awhile to go, but please everyone look forward to my upcoming werewolf shopping montage.