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Posted September 22, 2015 at 12:58 pm
In my mind, I like to imagine that Vincent very often makes werewolf-related puns, but no one catches them because no one knows his sister is a werewolf. Luckily, Elias appreciates a good pun, as we can see from his happy nerd face in the last panel. Note, because I'm a weirdo dead set on continuity, it is still February in this comic. I have spent 7+ months drawing this and it's only been less than 2 weeks. Amazing. By the time my house is buried under a shit ton of snow, maybe it'll be spring in this comic finally. Maybe not. That's like, chapter 6 and it'll be awhile before we get there. Maybe it'll line up with when spring is actually starting! That would be very charming. I forgot to include some sort of establishing panel that he's sitting down with a whole study group. You can see them as tiny specs in the distance on page 64. They aren't important, I just realized as I was posting this, that I never put them in there. Oh well! This page was fun, because texting in comics is still pretty out there. I've seen it pop up a few times, but obviously not often in high fantasy, and pretty seldom in regular stuff. It's so useful though! Also, I had way less to draw, so super bonus. I'm messing around with angles a lot lately. It's really good practice! And it opens up a lot of possibilities for laying things out. I hate drawing heads at complicated angles, but I'm forcing myself. I've been using this rotatable 3D head from Posemaniacs for reference a lot, and it's been super useful. Sometimes you need to know what it looks like when you're essentially looking up someone's nose. Okay, off to finish up the page for tomorrow. I'm watching my way through Chuck on Netflix while I work. It's not bad! I can tell there are no women writers on this show, though. The few main female characters are decently fleshed out, but there's a looooot of weird sexist humor and male entitlement to women's bodies that creeps me the fuck out. Otherwise, it's pretty good.