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Just a weirdo talking to herself
Posted April 20, 2016 at 12:33 pm
Lalala vote for me at Top Web Comics lalala... I talk to myself all the time, so I assume most other people do too. And if you don't...how do you get all the thoughts out of your head? If anyone asks, I'm talking to the dog, I guess. She's my therapist. Her rate is really reasonable. Anyway, Mal has every reason to be worried, as far as we know, but she's not quite sure she should trust that instinct that tells her something is wrong. Which, if you woke up out of a dead sleep at 3am suddenly worried that your brother wasn't home...most people would go back to sleep, I guess. Though she's pretty sure he's not out on an unexpected booty call, so there's that at least. (Vincent is my favorite combination of way too handsome and really really awkward.) Well, at this point in the week, my brain is barely operational. Allergy season is kicking in, and as much as I love plants (SO MUCH), my brain is in a sad fog right now. Also, April has just been a very expensive month so far and I would like to get off this ride now. It's funny, because I've understood how budgeting works since I was 19, but practically, I have no clue how people can budget for anything really. Like, yes I can anticipate having to pay my house insurance and property taxes next month, but I couldn't have anticipated having to have my house treated for termites next week. Hm. I guess the best you can do is keep your fixed costs down and save up for the weird emergencies. But they keep happening! So...save up for everyday life. Oh well, I've got the money to pay for it all, it just sucks because I'd rather go buy stupid shit instead lol. So say we all. On a very positive note, my dog has now finally met the neighbor's dog. This dog barks all the time, and seems a little aggressive, but she's on a lead in the yard and can't get away so I wasn't too worried. Mabel was happy to finally say hi to the neighbor dog. Then she was so excited that she ran all the way home while the other dog whimpered that we were leaving. It was very cute. Having a dog is the best. My brain feels fuzzy! I'm sneezing a lot! I'm gonna go take some pills for that and then hope I feel less like an alien has invaded my body.