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Maybe he was abducted by aliens.
Posted April 19, 2016 at 1:33 pm
Anyway, first things first, please vote for me on Top Web Comics! I've gotta make a new incentive drawing here soon. You guys have already seen werewolfy Elias enough times lol. If you haven't gotten a chance, click back a page and check out the cover for chapter 6 that I posted yesterday! :D It's super neat. Here's another page of Malaya waking up! I realized I've drawn her bedroom in almost every chapter at this point, except for chapter 2, I think. It's not my fault that most of her craziness either starts after she wakes up, or as she's going to bed! Otherwise, she's working or whatever, and you know, she's busy. She's got coffee to make, baked goods to bake, etc. Also, I just like drawing people who have just woken up. Obviously. (We started the last chapter with Marin and Marisa for variety lol.) If every episode of Supernatural can open with someone gruesomely dying, then I can start every chapter with people sleeping. (JK, next chapter is opening differently because I'm going to make it open differently just to say I did.) Anyway, Malaya's spider werewolf sense is tingling. Something weird is afoot! I just liked the idea that she's so tuned into the natural sounds of her family in the house that she'd notice something drastically weird going on. In normal "April is the worst" news, I found out yesterday that I have termites! My freaking 150 year old house has termites. That's kind of scary. Luckily, the way they deal with termites now is way simpler than it used to be. They don't spray anything, they just dig a little trench around the whole house, and then they put a little tube that distributes a chemical into the ground that repels them away from the house for like, 7 years. That's pretty sweet. I don't think they've done any real structural damage yet, but it's underneath my kitchen, which is getting renovated very soon anyway, so I guess if any floor joists are damaged, that would be a good time to take care of that. Also, Wednesday night, the kitten I'm fostering (named Pancake :D) bit me hard enough on the hand to break skin. And it got infected immediately. And I had to go to the emergency room at like, 1am. Fun. Plus, I had to pay my taxes for the year, soooo April has been a rather expensive month. I can cover it all, but damn, I don't want to look too closely at my credit card statement. Lalala pretend it all doesn't exist~! Deny deny deny. But hey, yesterday I finally got the rest of the leaves raked out of my flower beds, and I got the grass mowed. I don't really think mowing the grass was much of an improvement, honestly. I have a really shitty lawn lol. My grand plan is to get rid of as much grass as I possibly can, and little by little I've been making that happen. It takes time, because I'm just one person doing my own landscaping. There's an odd patch on the side of my house where the soil doesn't drain all that well, so instead of grass, it's mostly moss. Not attractive moss, either :|. I'm going to plant a bush there, but I have to do research into what will be okay in the shade with a lot of moisture. I expect not much! Then at some point, I have to go over my whole lawn with compost and then reseed. I don't have a lot of grass, thankfully, but what I have is pretty raggedy looking. Apparently, some die hard lawn care fans will actually kill the whole lawn and then start over. I suspect that probably involves an afternoon and a giant thing of Round Up, and that's not really my jam. I'd rather just make bigger flower beds, but like, everywhere. Fuck grass, it's the worst anyway.