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Just let her die!
Posted August 10, 2016 at 12:44 pm
Harvey isn't screwing around anymore! If you vote over at Top Web Comics, you can see that panel with the hair as just inks, so you can see the detail. I like drawing hair :). Soooo, obviously not everyone is really on board with this plan yet. In general. Aubrey, as the one who faces the brunt of Connie's bullshit, knows better than anyone how screwed they really are. (Fun side note, the point when someone leaves their abuser is statistically the most dangerous point of the relationship! That, and pregnancy. Horrifying.) Anyway, don't worry because even Aubrey isn't going to be down for putting up with this much shit for too much longer. Just like in real life, actions have to be motivated by a desire for change and can't be forced. These guys are still too scared to stand up against Connie in any real capacity, so they're stuck doing what she says for the meantime. I've made mention of it before, but I'm basing the dynamics of this pack on real life abusive relationships. Connie is 100% based on the typical person with Narcissistic Personality Disorder. The only difference really is that with Ginger as the golden child, usually she'd side with Connie, but I thought the wolf pack mentality would override her interest in special treatment. Aubrey is the scapegoat, and gets manipulated the hardest by Connie. If you've never dealt with someone with NPD, well...good for you. In very exciting life news, my hardwood floors are in! Yay! Or at least in the half of the house that's currently being worked on. My house has been under renovation since I was...born, I guess. I've never lived here and had floors that are all one level! So many rooms have just been the old school plank subfloors that I'm used to it. But now, I could have a Roomba if I wanted. It could actually move around and not get trapped every other room. The novelty isn't wearing off anytime soon. I did solid oak floors to match the hardwood I already had in other parts of the house, but I went for wood that's considered...waste? Cast offs? They're the shorter chunks of hardwood that aren't acceptable to sell in stores, because of holes and knots and color variation, etc. I think they look great, though. I'll post a photo on twitter at some point. Hardwood shorts aren't super desirable, but that's what's in the other parts of my house. Given the pre-Victorian style of the rest of my house, I wanted something that looked a little utilitarian and kind of imperfect, and this works perfectly. Anyway, I'm off to get my teeth cleaned! Gotta bolt :).