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What does "dilapidated" mean?
Posted August 9, 2016 at 1:39 pm
Hop on over to Top Web Comics and vote, and you can see a panel from tomorrow's comic featuring Harvey's copious hair :). I keep giving characters stupidly complicated hair, and I kind of hate myself for it, but man it looks cool when it's done. Marcus was the hardest to draw, not so much on this page, but the next page. I haven't drawn him as much as everyone else on this page, and it felt like he should finally get more than like, one line (back in the forest...it's been awhile). I also accidentally gave Ginger more windows than she had before, but I like the effect of six versus four, soooo oh well. You guys would only notice because I point this shit out. Still experimenting with color palettes! I've found a couple good sites in the last few days that have helped a lot. Coolors is great for generating palettes. You can lock certain colors and it'll generate a palette around whatever your locked color is. I was quite impressed with how good the palettes looked! It's the magic of the color wheel and some well-applied math, I guess. The other site that seemed promising was Cohesive Colors, which lets you take a palette of unrelated colors and overlay them with another unifying color to make them more cohesive. I've talked about this concept a few times, but it's important in a comic page to have a unified feel to everything, because each page has so much stuff going on. It's hard! Much easier when just Elias and Vincent were stuck in the basement. (They're still stuck in the basement.) Anyway, this is another one of those scenes I added without planning for it beforehand, which is actually kind of how I end up with any of the scenes with these guys. I have put quite a bit of development into my "villains", but most of it is still sitting on my computer, and sometimes it takes me being a bit more critical of the chapter to realize that hey, I should probably check on what these weirdos are doing. Elias wasn't kidding that he fucked them up a bit worse than they got him, though obviously Marcus and Harvey got the brunt of whatever went down. (As for Aubrey, there's a reason she's not quite as messed up. Don't worry about it.) Where's Tim? We'll get to him. He's around. I'd like to pretend that I plan everything meticulously, but I'll be the first to admit that I write mostly based on what my gut says should come next, keeping in mind my long term goals. Seems to be working so far :). I don't know if it's obvious by this point, but Harvey is definitely the smart one here. She's not calling the shots, but she's the most intelligent of the group, and the least on board with just...everything. Marcus protests a bit less, but he's still ready to cut and run when the opportunity becomes available. Ginger...would just like to know what the hell is going on. My general attitude towards Ginger's development is that she's the golden child out of the five, who gets doted on the most by Connie. Connie's the only one here with any money (which she makes in various ways doing shady things, don't worry about it), and she buys everyone's clothes. I have the feeling Ginger will end up going through a rebellious goth phase or something when she's not under Connie's thumb anymore. In life news, my house has been torn to hell and I'm going mad. I'm having hardwood floors put in the kitchen and hallway before the kitchen cabinets go in, which means the rest of my house is kind of...everywhere. I've got bowls and cups and plates and cookware all over my living room. I feel like I'm in an episode of Hoarders, except like, half the house is empty. Luckily, they're almost done. The floor isn't finished, so a guy has to come do that part, so hopefully I'll have a kitchen by the end of the month. Maybe. Hopefully. We'll see. I'm functioning at reduced capacity, but I'm functioning, damn it. I've spent the last few days working on this comic by watching the shit out of Person of Interest. I found a new show! And it has many seasons, so that works out great. So far, one thing that sticks out the most is how asexual John Reese, the lead character is. Like, he's had many, many opportunities to hook up with women, and they make it obvious that women are into him, but he doesn't take any action with it. He almost seems unmoved by emotions in general. I kind of love it? He's had a woman in his past who he loved and failed to protect, so he's not a robot or anything, but I like that they aren't selling his machismo on his skills with women, but his skills as a fighter and a soldier. Maybe after White Collar, where the lead jumped into bed with everyone he met, it's just extra refreshing? I like the lack of romantic sub-plot so far. I'm sure it'll change at some point and then I'll be pissy, but I've heard there are lesbians down the line, and I'm here for that, so by that point maybe I won't care. Okay, gotta finish tomorrow's page!