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Like mother, like son
Posted November 8, 2017 at 1:20 pm
Vote over at TWC and you can see the drawing of Vincent that I've been working on and is currently haunting my dreams because I've redrawn his damn head so many times. How many times have I redone the dialog on this page? I don't know anymore. I kept adding stuff, which is not my usual flavor, and I think it ultimately works even if it took awhile to get to a point I was happy with. My ultimate goal with Sara is to depict her, over time, as powerful, caring, pragmatic, sort of terrifying, and a little reckless. I haven't managed to fit all of these things in yet lol. We'll tick off a few more boxes by the end of this chapter WHICH IS SO CLOSE. My goal is that this chapter basically polishes off most of the remaining questions that have been hanging in the air since chapter 1 so that I can finally move into finishing off this arc of the story. The last question I need to answer is "what's motivating Connie to drag a whole pack of werewolves down in a weird, magical murder-suicide?" and that'll be answered in the next few chapters. Because honestly, the scariest villain is the one who's obviously desperate with nothing to lose, so yeah, I gotta make sure you guys get that. I'm hoping the next chapter will actually be a bit shorter, because I don't have a fun side plot like shopping at the mall to shove into it, and also because I want to gay it up in chapter 10. Fun fact, I drew the cover for Chapter 7 in February of last year, sooooo yeah. I think we should wrap it up! Soon! With good pacing and a little action, preferably. And a few more answers and also maybe a giant werewolf? Hmmmm. Okay, these two did enough talking (while poor Marin and Marisa just stand there, because...I had nothing else for them to do oops) so I shall shut up now and go pay my property taxes like an ADULT. Being an adult is a lie, though. Every adult is just a baby that got taller. No one ever feels like an adult, no matter how many times you pay your property taxes.