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Look who's alive kind of!
Posted November 14, 2017 at 1:07 pm
Go vote over at TWC and you can see the top panels from tomorrow's page, which will hopefully give some context as to why sneaking blatantly across the yard isn't really that concerning to Sara. Drawing people crouch-walking is kind of hard. But, drawing them all walking upright and normal in a tense situation also feels weird, soooo crouching it is. I cannot explain how long I screwed with the colors on this page to make it look the way I wanted. I think I'm finally happy with it, or happy enough. I like it when it's squished and tiny in the preview, so that bodes well. I'm in another weird transitional skill period where my abilities are not in sync with what my brain perceives as "good", so I'm playing catch up. In the end, struggling a little is a good thing, and I come out the other side all leveled up and bad ass, but then the process starts all over again and I go back to hating everything I make lol. Being an artist is just the best, you guys. Anyway, Aubrey's little pack is still alive! Good for them! Except Ginger isn't doing so well, still. Maybe that'll be important in the next chapter, who knows? I know. I had to do a bunch of mockups to get the angles right on the outside and inside of this house. I discovered that you can make boxes in Design Doll, and I've been going to town with that feature. Sometimes, I don't need a big, elaborate set up, I just need to see the planes so I can judge spaces that my brain can't create on its own. I've also used the Sims in the past! That's fun, but the danger there is that I have to avoid getting invested and actually playing the Sims. The bonus is that I can actually set up a whole room using objects that are already in scale to people, and that's a really nice option to have. I saw another program/website thing pop up on tumblr the other day, which I have already forgotten the name of and I'm too tired to look up, but there are a lot of great options to building a 3D space quickly and using it for reference. I like the generic boxes of Design Doll because they have lines on them at regular intervals, so I can set up my perspective rulers in Clip Studio Paint and work straight off those planes. Much less guessing! I mentioned this yesterday in a reply on Twitter, but I'm all about references. Short of straight up exactly copying a photograph wholesale (because that gets into iffy copyright territory), whatever helps you produce a good image quickly is fair game. I'd love to be able to pluck environments from my brain and faithfully create them here, but I'm not a robot and my spacial abilities aren't amaaaaazing, so I wander off to Google Image Search and see what I can find. The internet is amazing! I gotta finish the background coloring for tomorrow's page (as obvious in the preview), but I'm super looking forward to wandering off next week to visit my family in Mississippi for Thanksgiving. I think I'm getting a little burnt out lately, and having most of the week to drive down there, hang out, be fed, and drive back will be excellent. I looked into plane tickets, but they were already outrageous, partially because Jackson airport is so small, but I really prefer to drive anyway. It's about 13 hours to my aunt's house, which is...long. But filling my phone with podcasts and just driving for hours is great for my brain. The rest of this chapter is basically written already, but I'll need some brain power for when I start the next chapter! Even if I know what happens, I still need to put it all together in the right order, and that can be a real challenge. But hey, I did laundry (most of it) yesterday, which means today is Day After Laundry Day when my whole closet is at my disposal and my favorite clothes are clean :D.