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Magical girl werewolf transformation.
Posted October 25, 2016 at 2:40 pm
If you want to see a panel from tomorrow's page (finished, even!), vote over at TWC :). I feel like this page needs sparkles. Basically, it's a whole page of hands and feet and a tail! Elias is gonna end this. Or scare them off, maybe. Or perhaps all those unhealed injuries (that maybe aren't going to heal all that well this close to the house) are going to come back to screw up his day. We just don't know! Well, I know. I know everything. I know the end of this whole story, years down the line :D. I love doing pages like this, but it's definitely a challenge. No dialog, just a sequence of events...the downside of comics is that you have to consider the page as a whole, unlike animation where each of these would just be screen-filling frames. I'm still struggling to get into the mindset of each page as a piece of art unto itself rather than just considering the information inside the panel. So far so good! I tried laying this page out initially with big jagged panels, which I think I could've pulled off if I fought with it more, but I'm much better with more straightforward boxes. Some people do messy pages very well. For some people, that's their whole aesthetic! That's not really my jam, though. I'm not a messy person :). So instead, we get the sleek, pared-down werewolf transformation. The Swedish furniture of werewolf transformations :D. My brain has been pushed to its limits as of late, I think. I need a week to just stare at the walls and do nothing! Instead, I've been watching more weird documentaries on Netflix, which is what I do when my brain can't process stories enough to watch normal TV. Last night, I watched one called Love Me!, which is about the Russian/Eastern European bride market (?). It was...interesting. I kind of wish it explored the women's perspective more. Why you would sign up for this sort of thing, what the appeal is...I got hints in bits and pieces, but not a clear dialog about their situations. One girl, who was thirty and absolutely stunning, was apparently "too old" to get married in Ukraine, where most of the women get married by eighteen. Okay? But the dudes who signed up for this...dating tourism thing...were not quality men. Not to say that you have to be amazing to be marriage material, but...there was a certain amount of entitlement, that they should be able to just date and marry a supermodel who won't fight or question them on anything, and they can look like cave trolls and live in the middle of nowhere. Which, I guess if you're desperate enough to get a woman who doesn't speak your language from another country to marry you, maybe that's who you're going to be regardless. One guy from Australia looked like a foot, but had his mind set on this woman who looked like Angelina Jolie. She kept blowing him off and not showing up, but the tourism group tracked her down for him. Then, he basically insisted they go to Bali and get married. She looked...unenthused to say the least. Then, she was supposed to come back to Australia to live with him, bringing her two kids along, after the waiting period for her visa, but she never contacted him again. SOOOO he goes back to Ukraine and tracks her down and confronts her, and she basically said...hey, I thought you'd get the idea, I'm not into this and I tried to tell you before the wedding. He even got an email from her friend saying that she's going to take your money and run, but he didn't think it was a problem. I mean, I get being upset that you've been blown off. But when they interviewed her, she said that she felt like he saw her as an object to fit into his life, not a person. And it was clear that she was right! But this guy thought that he was entitled to have this woman in his life. He wouldn't listen to anything else, wasn't really interested in her as a person, wouldn't take the hint when she stopped contacting him. Ugh. A couple of the dudes did end up getting married and brought their wives to the US to live, and one guy almost got married, but his fiance began scamming him for money before leaving Ukraine, so he called it off. There's something weird and unfair about moving this beautiful woman in six-inch heels and designer clothes to the middle of bumfuck Texas...but I guess she doesn't have much going on at home, and no career prospects, so...why not? The whole documentary was weirdly depressing. Anyway, I'm off to eat breakfast and get my life together! Finally O_O.