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Magical werewolf pox.
Posted May 31, 2017 at 1:32 pm
Head over to TWC and check out the thumbnails for this week's pages! Um, the last three panels on this page are particularly goofy in thumbnail form lol. I'll be putting up the winners to the Fashion Contest tomorrow! That way it won't take away from people seeing today's page :). Yep, I will totally do that and I have not been putting it off. Nope, not me. I didn't respond to the comments yesterday because I wanted to see how people thought a werewolf could be like yogurt. I'm impressed that a few people got it right! (I guess that means this isn't a totally shit analogy woo!) But yes, basically the bite starts you off with enough magic to jump start the transformation, and then the werewolf becomes a magical generator from there. Unfortunately, if a certain witch keeps draining the shit out of your magic reserves, then it's going to be much harder to do werewolf stuff >_>. And hey, next week we'll explore werewolf-related pregnancy issues! Then we'll go shopping, I promise. But this page is important later in this chapter, and then the werewolf pregnancy stuff is important next chapter when I'm finally gonna wrap up some shit, I swear. Playin' the long game. Like, multiple long games. I really like drawing in this more cartoony, goofy style lol. It's so much easier! Not my jam for the comic as a whole, but I like it for diagrams and explanation sequences. Also, it gives me an excuse to make pink werewolves. I've been working to get some artwork together that I can set up as prints for you guys to buy, and other merch too. I'm realizing the biggest issue is that most of the art I have that's worth making prints out of are just the chapter headings :p. And those are cool, don't get me wrong, but like, that's all I got. I've been churning out pages, but not really anything else. I'm trying to break off some time to work on other artwork, so I don't burn out on drawing the comic. I'm setting up a series of botanical designs that I plan to sell on shirts and prints and stuff. They are...not related to this comic at all lol. But I think the one I've finished so far looks pretty sweet, so whatever. I like the idea of having a range of merchandise because that's a very passive business opportunity. It's a side hustle that I can set up with almost no further input from myself, and that's like...miraculous. The internet is neat. All I have to do is create the initial designs and then upload them and see what happens. Literally, that business model didn't exist a decade ago and it's blowing my mind. Anyway, I'm off to fight with drawings of flowers and next week's pages :D