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Food metaphors always make sense.
Posted May 30, 2017 at 1:34 pm
Vote over at TWC and you can see a panel from tomorrow's page that I thinks is very cute :). Fashion Design contest is over! Go check out all the neat entries! And if you entered and don't see your entry up there, please let me know! I checked everything, and tried really hard to stay organized and keep track of all the entries, but if I overlooked any, please tell me! I'll be putting up the winners on Thursday. I tried to get it done yesterday, but I ended up burning out early after getting this week's pages mostly finished. Thursday will be better, because then the winners won't be overshadowed by new comics or Memorial Day :). Hey, I wanted to give a shout out to the couple of people who have donated to my comic using the Ko-Fi button over there at the right! Thanks friends :). I'm up to $15! If you're not looking to do monthly donations through Patreon, but would still like to say "thanks for making this comic about werewolves!", using that button helps me out! It's a nice way to make sure that I don't fuck up any taxes involved with Paypal, basically. CARS. I know some people hate drawing cars, but I don't mind. And by drawing cars, I really mean...heavily referencing cars to the point of almost tracing cars. Hm. When you're on a time crunch, you do what you can to get shit done. Plus, all the car manufacturer websites have 360 degree views of all their vehicles, so you can rotate things to the almost exact angle you need for any given panel. Nice. And they're driving a Subaru, because I'm allowed to make subtle lesbian jokes :D. So, I debated a bit on addressing the issues of witch/werewolf pregnancy now or to leave it for later in the chapter, but I decided that it'd be best to address the mechanics now. Aubrey's explanation about her mother is still fresh, and that gets worldbuilding details out of the way of the shopping sequence, which has a different plot significance. I still have to go in and really edit the dialog on the pages for next week. It's okay, but I have a tendency to make things too convoluted, so I'm going to look at them with fresh eyes. In personal news, my brain is a tired desert wasteland as per usual. I think it's pretty normal to eventually burn out when making a comic, though. I'm not quite there yet, and I think I can stave it off. Mostly, I'm trying to make sure I'm making myself a priority, and taking opportunities to do more personal artwork. I'm trying to get prints and stuff up for sale, but I realized that most of my artwork from the last two years that would be considered print-worthy are just the chapter title covers lol. That's okay, but I need to branch out more. I'm also working on some more design-oriented prints, that aren't geared towards this comic at all, just because I can. I need to change it up a little :).