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Make a bigger window
Posted September 27, 2016 at 2:19 pm
Vote at TPC, and you can see a panel from tomorrow's page! A page that needs soooo much more work before it's done :D :D :D. Elias doesn't care about your window, or respect your window, and frankly, he doesn't think it's big enough for two grown men to escape out of. So take that. He's also maaaybe not in as great of fighting shape as he should be for what happens next. Oh well! Everything will be fine, probably maybe. So, I am BEHIND. Every couple months or so, I hit this wall where no drawing looks right. That big middle panel of him swinging around? It took forever. I've redrawn it a million times. I posed it out in real life in a mirror. I posed it out using the 3D models in Manga Studio, I posed it out with action figures. Fuck my life, I finally threw the pose I was trying to do (much more like, coming out of the page, I guess), and did a whole different pose. AND IT WORKED. BECAUSE THE FIRST POSE SUCKED. Edit: Hey guys, this is the pose that worked lol. Panel three is totally fine, and just as I planned, I promise! You guys haven't seen the reject pose, but there were a lot of reasons it didn't work. Anyway, every time I hit this weird, awful threshold, it means that I'm leveling up my art skills. Which is great! But the timing is bad! Normally, by this point, both pages for this week should be essentially done. Instead, I have to do all the shading and coloring for tomorrow's page still and my focus is shot. Yay! But I've got most of today to get it done, so I'm not worried. I'm just pissed that apparently this is the week that I decide, hm, do I reeeally understand the planes of the face? WHY DON'T I RESEARCH THAT FOR AN HOUR??? No, Shawn. Don't research that for an hour. Get the page done and focus! (I spent part of this morning researching kerning in graphic design...I don't know why.) But hey, fun fact! Today is my last day at my part time job :D :D :D. I've sold shoes for almost six years at the same department store, and I finally decided that my commission just isn't going to make it worthwhile to drive through another hellacious winter or put up with another awful Black Friday and holiday season. At first, I needed this job when I moved back home from Los Angeles because...I had no job. Then, I kept it because it was a nice change of pace from graphic design work and much more people oriented. Now...eh. I have enough shoes (and other crap), and the prospect of keeping my employee discount for a couple days' worth of work every week doesn't feel worth the effort anymore. So I'm going to enjoy my damn holiday season this year, and focus on picking up more freelance graphic design stuff to make up the difference. That pays better, but I'm stuck inside even more :p. Might not be a problem once there's four feet of snow on the ground, though. All right, short post this week! Too much to do on tomorrow's page :).