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What are you really?
Posted September 22, 2016 at 1:10 pm
Yay! Extra page day! If you vote over at Top Web Comics, you can see the thumbnails for all three of this week's pages :). Mmmm, dramatic. I'm realizing that getting that "FUCK YEAH!" moment out of a story is much more difficult than I want it to be. It's going to happen, damn it. I hope you guys like whiplash, because this story gets pretty fast after this point...which is great, because this chapter is already going to end up being like, 60 pages. I'm hoping it's over before I reach page 200, at least. I'm not good at planning things out, because inevitably, going with my gut always works better. Anyway, to expand on the FUCK YEAH! moment concept, I recommend this (somewhat oldish) article that goes into some good depth about it. Surprisingly, I feel like anime pulls this concept off the best, usually. I mean, I'll sit through a million weird ass episodes of Sailor Moon for that one episode at the end of the season where everyone kicks ass. Pretty much any anime, actually, will have that one moment when you're getting close to the season finale. Maybe throw in a reprise of the main theme song blasting over minimal dialog as we're finally defeating whatever evil monster/robot/bad guy/giant blob/whothefuckknows. Everyone comes out beat up, but smiling as the sun shines on them and the scene pans up into the sky or whatever. Granted, I was raised on 80's and early 90's anime, so I assume that's still a general trend. I will say that I've watched Gundam Wing three times through in my life, possibly four actually, and it never fails to get me stupidly pumped near the season finales. Damn, that is a weird and great show. Giant robots are neat. Okay, I've got nothing else to add, but a million things to do today! And a mosquito hell bent on biting my face, apparently. I might have killed it, but I think that's wishful thinking. Hope you guys are ready to see what's going on with our two nerds in a basement next week :D.