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Mal and Elias have a mutual interest
Posted June 27, 2018 at 2:17 pm
Vote over at TWC and you can see the thumbnails from this week's pages! I am 200% too tired to exist, I think. You know when you're playing Jenga, and initially the tower is nice and strong and can take some wiggling and not fall down as you take out all the easy pieces? But then as you take out more and more pieces and stack them on top, the tower gets more precarious every time you so much as breathe on it? That's me lately! It's great. Which is to say, I have a bunch of comments to get to, and I will! But June has been a bit of a nonstop month, so I'm trying to find personal time by ignoring anything nonessential this week so I can recuperate :). Also, my birthday is next Thursday, July 5th! I'm turning 33! I literally don't have time to turn 33. I don't even know where I'm watching fireworks or who with yet on the 4th, so like...turn the world off for a few days, please. Anyway, let's get a werewolf training montage underway! Marin, as per usual, has more emotional intelligence than most of the people in this story :). I've been struggling to write this next section of the comic in a way that felt impactful, because I didn't just want pages and pages of werewolf fighting for no reason. And I've done research on fight scene choreography, but that didn't really feel right either. (Three good guys just beating the shit out of each other...but that kind of feels mean.) Finally, I watched the training montage from Mulan ("I'll...make a man...out of youuuuuuuuuu") and that actually made something click. Hooray! So now I've managed to get this scene into something that will add a lot to the story instead of just drawing werewolf fights for 20 pages.