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That is too many sandwiches
Posted June 26, 2018 at 2:57 pm
Vote over at TWC and you can see a panel from tomorrow's page! Let's get some werewolf training underway! This winds up (baseball pun!) our "let's subtly flirt with each other and discuss sexuality and not murder Vincent with a baseball" portion of Chapter 8! I hope you enjoyed this brief chaser after the "Connie is a horrible nightmare person" portion of Chapter 8. Chapter 8 has become a bit of a kitchen sink chapter, where I have a lot of little pieces of story that need a place to land, but absolutely won't fit anywhere else after the end of this chapter. If I were a normal author, I'd probably have just kept ramping the action up after chapter 6, but I'm not a fan of stories that come at you like a freight train. I like a lot of build up! So Chapter 7 ended up being a rather happy, backstory-oriented chapter to offset a ton of horribleness from Connie at the start of this chapter, and then y'all got a bit of Charlene's backstory and some gay baseball, and then...well, the freight train is leaving the station again, and it'll just keep going straight through chapter 10, so that'll be fun for all of us. Except for me, who has a ton of plot points to nail down a lot more solidly before then >_>. Anyway, if you enjoyed this portion of this chapter, I think you'll generally be pretty jazzed for Chapter 9. Like, there are a few parts I still have to work out, but in my head, I'm thinking of it as the Elias and Vincent chapter. (A good portion of my issues with Chapter 9 so far revolve around needing to find something for Malaya to do, because she's not part of the main plot oops.) I don't eat pork, but I've had adobo chicken at this really good Filipino restaurant on the north side of Chicago and like, it's pretty boss. Filipino food in general is really great, though I don't eat much meat, so I can only mostly speak for the desserts and poultry dishes. There's a new Filipino market in Chicago I keep meaning to visit (also a new Korean mall that I want to go to), but it's pretty far on the north side, and that's a bit of a journey from where I live. I can get to the south side of Chicago really quickly from where I live in Indiana, but traffic on Lake Shore Drive to get to the North side tends to be a total nightmare. All Chicago traffic is a total nightmare, actually. Usually I just park in Chinatown and then take the El train from there, because I can get to Chinatown in like 45 minutes :|. Anyway, now I'm hungry for halo-halo.