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Mal is not here for your self-defeatist attitude
Posted May 9, 2017 at 12:59 pm
Go vote over at TWC and you can see a panel from tomorrow's page! Woo! Also, deadline for the fashion contest is kind of approaching! The longest deadline ever! You should go check out the rules and then send me neat pictures :). I'll be posting more of the entries later today, which I was going to do like, three days ago, but I'm not super great at being a human lately. Speaking of which, neither is Aubrey. Well, except with being a werewolf. She's tried a handful of options, the outcomes sucked, and now she's too weak to do much else...so she's giving up. Malaya's got anxiety like a motherfucker, but she's not big on giving up. Um, she's also got the social graces of a cave troll..."So, I hear you're dying. That sucks, but what if you help me help you not die! Problem solved! It'll be great!" If you never acknowledge you're being awkward, everything's fine! I realized the other day, this comic would look bananas to an editor probably. I kind of threw the concept of working in actual chapters out the window, so without page limits being a thing...this is going to be a 50ish page chapter that's basically people talking about their issues with a couple important flashbacks. You want a 13 page sequence of two enemies talking their way around an abusive situation? BAM, covered! You want awkward boys discussing emotional trauma while kind-of-maybe attempting to flirt with each other? YES, THAT'S DONE. You want many pages in a coffee shop? OBVIOUSLY. You want upcoming heartwarming lesbian backstory flashbacks? I WILL DELIVER. I swear this is a comic about werewolves lol. But on that note, if reading fanfiction off-and-on since 1998 has taught me anything, it's that the actual premise of your story doesn't matter as much as your characters most of the time. You wanna take a story set in medieval times and write a story where they're all in college together in modern times? You can do that!...if you're characters are engaging enough. You can shove your story full of all the world building and complex plot lines you want, but if no one gives a shit what happens to the people you're writing about, your readers aren't going to stay engaged for very long. My point is, we'll get back to the scary, scratchy werewolf stuff soon enough, but if that's all you're here for...that's not really the story I'm writing? Werewolves are cool, but you know what's really cool? Interpersonal communication! Although, considering most of my real life friends who have read my comic stopped keeping track of it somewhere around chapter 3, maybe I'm totally off base. HMMMM. Or I need to bother my friends more often about their reading habits. HMMMMMMMMMMM. All of this would be way more coherent, but I'm mentally and physically exhausted due to my house renovations mostly. I'm operating at about 40% of my normal person capacity. It's getting better! My floors are done, and now it's mostly reassembling my house and putting the furniture back, but that's not really a small task. Plus, I think I kind of drained my reserves getting the house ready for the floors to be redone in the first place :|. I'll keep clawing my way back to normal, though! Getting there! Baby steps! SO MANY BABY STEPS.